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King Terry's Tutorials

TempleOS Bare Bones

1. Verify ATA I/O pots

Linux - in Terminal type "sudo cat/proc/ioports"

Windows - open Device manager, change in View from Devices by Type to Resource by Type, open the Input/Output(IO) tree

The ATA I/O ports 0x01F0 and/or 0x0170 are necessary for booting TempleOS

The HDD I/O ports are different from computer to computer, these are just examples

2. Install and Burn TempleOS.ISO on CD

you can aquire it from

3. Reboot into TempleOS and follow the guide

when you get promped to type the I/O ports of your HDD, insert firstly the primary (0x18C8), then the secondary port (0x18C0)

When choosing the partition, take in account that TempleOS sees all the main partitions or partitions made under the extended partition (if present) that may or may not be visible on eighter Windows or Linux

If you already have Grub boot loader, use it as TempleOS's MBR boot loader is archaic, not permiting more than 4 primary partitions and requires entering the partition's number when booting, which is ordered by the MBR

Supplemetal Files

1. Install and Burn the Supplemental Files on CD

you can aquire them from

2. In TempleOS, Mount the CD-ROM

to mount the CD-ROM you need to firstly type "Mount();" in the CLI, follow the instructions given; and if prompted to type the I/O port type 0x01F0

The ATAPI/CD-ROM's given letters begin with the letter "T"

3. Open the ATAPI drive and copy the files

to move to the CD-ROM drive you should use the command "Drv('T');" followed by "Dir('T');" then copy the files to your prefered directory

You can run the files from the T drive

Work In Progress